Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuator

DFA series scotch yoke actuator was designed with balance,high strength,high efficient stroke,multi-function modules fetures,compact appearance,widely applied in oil and marine fields.

Normal Multi-function Modules


Scotch Yoke Device

patent design of spring module output 

torque adjustable and hydraulic overrides

patent design of spring module with output torque adjustable and integral manual overrides

Corrosion Resistant

The DFA series actuators incorporate over three stages of internal and external coatings to resist severe weather,chemical and petroleum environments. The inner surface of cylinder is coated by PTFE,enhanced corrosion resistant and self-lubricating.

Wear Resistant

The guide rod and piston rod have an advanced surface treatment,which combined with self-lubricating bearings,provides superior wear resistance and extends the life of all sliding components.

High Efficiency

The piston rod and guide block connection superior surface finishes and self-lubricating bearings maximize input energy transfer directly to the valve stem,efficiency is further enhanced by the tension-loaded spring ,minimizing radial loads on the piston rod.Connects the piston rod with the guide block,compensating for side load deflection and reducing wear on rod,bearings and seals.

Water Ingress Protected

O-rings are fitted on bodies,caps,and so on, which ensures water ingress protected.

Bi-directional travel stops integral to the actuator,the stops allow 80°to 100°total travel adjustment.

Top mounting confirms to VDI/VDE3845 standard, permits to install accessories of EP-positioner and limit switch box.

Bottom interface connection confirms to ISO5211 for valve installation.

Patented spring module design,output torque was adjustable and increase by 10%-25% to adapt valve torque characteristics,bigger size actuator cost was saved.

More available override devices for spring module: 

A:handwheel overrides

B:hydraulic overrides

Extended travel stops(manual operated) for double acting actuator.Mounted DFM series declutchable manual override gear operater can cover part DFA double acting size actuators, output torque from 0 to 7000NM.

DFA series actuators equipped with lifting  eyes for safe actuator handing during shipping,installation and removal.

-40℃ to +80℃

-20℃ to +80℃

-20℃ to +120℃

Different Environment Temp.

Certificates from third party

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