Manual Override Declutchable Gear Operator

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Sole patent design for SAFETY SHIFT between MANUAL and PNEUMATIC at any time(no need to cut off air supply and power): air supply was cut off in the course of PNEUMATIC to MANUAL shift, manual operated function was realized after air failure.Air route gets through in the course of MANUAL to PNEUMATIC shift,worm and worm gear separated at moment,PNEUMATIC function was realized.The whole process is safe, high efficient and reliable.



High strength cast steel(WCB) body was made of precision casting, double coatings for the body surface: phosphating + epoxy-polyester mainly for protecting base metal, preventing to be corrosive, increasing adhesive force and anti-corrosion ability for epoxy coating. 

     metal matrix                   phosphating coating              anticorrosive primer             epoxy-polyester coating 

Integrated structure design,IP67 weatherproof, low temperature grease was applied as low as -40℃ temp. type what was optional for customers.

Integrated steel shaft&worm gear were produced by cold extruding and electrophoresis, nickelplated steel worm was able to bear high efficient & large output torque, worm and worm gear group was designed with automatic lubrication transmission to prevent wearing and rusting.

Ductile cast iron handwheel with epoxy coating treatment, was stronger than WCB stamping handwheel, long life time for rust and corrosion resistance. Available lock kits was to prevent human error operation under AUTO(pneumatic) state.

SS bolts for angle adjustment, precision rotary adjustment and limit position.

Top mounting PAD on the and squared shaft confirms to ISO5211 standard

same bottom ISO5211 connection, large and deep star hole in the shaft via an adaptor so as to install with valves easily.

Operation chart tag on the body is easy to understand and operate, metal nameplate printed with laser marking was customized with your brand.

Colorful appearance was customized deeply as per your requirement.