Two Piston Pneumatic Actuator

Never so compact, practical design supports for perfect appearance,

visual impact comes from sole yellow & black match...

Cone and Column indicators were optional

Quality product originated in good authentic raw materials,the extrusion forming AL6063-T6 cylinder,  AL380 aluminium die casting caps,lighten the weight.

Connection under the bottom confirms to standard ISO5211 and DIN3337, extra group holes were for ANSI or other standard valves connection via a transition plate made by our company.

Lots of double sauqured adaptors with different sizes that confirm to all the ISO5211 recommended valve stem dimensions,shaft with deep hole,direct installation was realized. Cost for valve assembly was saved.

Top mounting confirms to VDI/VDE3845 standard, permits to install accessories of EP-positioner and limit switch box.

Adjustable SS304 bolts, adjust rotary degree ±5°exactly.

Air connection confirms to standard VDI/VDE3845 NAMUR, to install NAMUR solenoid valve.

With patented "floating and slidable" O-ring sealing design for drive pinion,2 to 3 times life-span of O-ring was extended. Extreme large and deep hole can hold a variety of valve stems via a double squared adaptor for direct installation. So ingenious design is for convenient assembly with ball valves, butterfly valves and plug valves.

Double squared adaptor was made of AISI1045 forging steel with lifetime warranty, squared adaptor was SS304 material that can match most of the actuators in the markets.

A380 AL Die Casting

Full Tooth

Anti-impact & Wearable

High Efficient Transmission

Superior spring steel, 100% incoming quality inspection and electrophoretic processing.SS304 spring stem,3 times strength of red copper's,heat-proof and anticorrosion.

POM piston ring,

self-lubrication design, 

very wearable for long lifespan.

Normal temp. 20℃ ~ +80℃

Low temp. -40℃ ~ +80℃

High temp. -20℃~ +120℃

Yellow and black basic color match, other colorful and customized match as per your interest, we can make it with any color according RAL card.

ALL TORQUE® strict quality verifications

Certificates from third party

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Integrated rack&piston,made of A380 

AL die casting, via anodize hardening treatment,anti-impact and wears well, 

high efficient transmission due to full tooth design.

Customized Color

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Available Nonmetal Repair Kits Package,easier, faster, and convenient for maintenance.