Two Piston Pneumatic Actuator

Auto drilling machining center, many manufacturing procedures can be finished via once clamping.

Round off the inner section of cylinder is to avoid piston O-ring hurt when assembling.

Anodize Hardening

Cylinder with over 25μm thickness anodize hardening 

coating, dynamic processing for homogeneous coating,

over HV400 hardness, enhance the wear resistance performance vastly.

100-150μm thickness epoxy-polyester coating, double coatings were suitable for severe, corrosive working conditions.

*Based on different conditions, please refer to our 

<ALL TORQUE D-T COATING SPECS> should you have any special requirements for protective coatings,we shall 

try our best to meet you.

Drive Pinion

quality forged alloy steel was treated with quenched-tempered heat, via 13 manufacturing procedures, 0.03mm thickness coating of chemical nickel-phosphate plating with homogeneous,pyknotic and shining appearance, is very high hardness, thickness uniformity and wear resisting.

Full tooth design 

and precision casting echnicals, 

higher strength, tight bite,

4 CNC machining steps, then polish and anodized hardening to be a complete part.

ALL TORQUE actuators were widely used in petrochemical industry,marine engineering,power plant,mining&metallurgy,water treatment,polysilicon plant,

locomotive manufacturing fields.

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 Application Fields

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