Four Piston Pneumatic Actuator


test surface hardness of the anodized hardening cylinder.


test roughness inside the cylinder treated by anodized hardening.

Epoxy-polyester powder coating,test its adhesive force with cross-cut tester.

Salt spray test chamber 

test anti-corrosion performance of the actuator surface. 

Inspect sealing performance under water tank after actuator assembly.

Actuator creep test under high/low temp.

Low temp.-40 ℃,air pressure:0.2 bar

actuator type:-40℃ to +80℃

High temp.-40 ℃,air pressure:0.2 bar

actuator type:-20℃ to +120℃

output torque static testing 

output torque dynamic testing 

Two million cycles test for actuator life-span with 70% output torque loaded under 5.5 bar air supply normal temp.

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